Instructional Design Approach

iReflect utilizes a systematic instructional design approach to maximize the trainees’ learning experience while practicing his/her selling skills.

iReflect's new web-based training environment not only delivers the ability to easily present instructional content and case scenarios, it also allows the learner to apply the instructional materials in a realistic setting. Our instructional approach incorporates the following:

  • Demonstration Learners are given modeled behaviors, including detailed explanations as to why those behaviors are effective.
  • Practice Makes Perfect Learners can practice their presentations as many times as they want; using advanced audio and video technology.
  • Self-evaluation iReflect utilizes quantitative rating instruments (rubrics) to provide objective assessment built around well-defined criteria.

The instructional design approach employed with iReflect helps to insure that the learner can engage in realistic and relevant practice. iReflect is designed to enable the learner to develop confidence with their sales presentations in a secure non-threatening learning environment as they prepare for instructor-led training or customer interactions.

iReflect not only provides the learner with an easy-to-use tool, it also provides administrative functions that are intuitively designed to facilitate ease in the development and management of iReflect courses. IReflect allows the administrator to reuse existing course content from a variety of media to reduce both cost and development time.